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Friday on  

Blood, Oil, Guns And Bullets

Uncle Sam wants YOU to die for big business Terror, invasion, occupation and militarization are hallmarks of the US-led corporate recolonisation of Iraq. But they have long been the hallmarks of colonialism and imperialism the world over.

Neoliberal globalization and war are two sides of the same coin. So too are oil and imperialism. Former Shell scientist Claude Ake, described Shell’s activities in Nigeria, as a process of the “militarization of commerce and the privatization of the state”. In 2003, this process is sweeping across the world, perhaps most visibly in Iraq.

In 1999, neoconservative journalist Thomas Friedman wrote that the ”hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist. McDonald’s cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the designer of the F-15. And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley’s technologies is called the United States’ Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.”

Among today’s transnational corporations, the modernday heirs of the colonial chartered corporations, the oil and gas giants are some of the most politically and economically powerful players in the world. The ancestor of the Royal-Dutch Shell group was 'Royal Dutch Company for the Exploitation of Petroleum Wells in the Netherlands East Indies'. With so much of the world’s economy dependent on oil, the colonial exploitation and genocide continues, on an unprecedented scale. The lyrics may have changed a little, but the tune remains much the same.

The U’wa people in Colombia believe that oil maintains the balance of the world and is the blood of Mother Earth - to take the oil is worse than killing your mother. To the US corporate/political/military elites, oil is the lifeblood of capitalist expansion, a national security concern, and a vital resource to be controlled by US corporate interests for American economic and geopolitical dominance. As well as being central to US imperial interests, the interests of the oil and defense sectors are closely intertwined.

Weapons production and the maintenance of US military and economic might across the world depends on massive consumption of oil and petroleum. In turn, massive defense and security spending boosts an ailing US economy, and is a boon to the profits of its defense and security corporations. We hear a lot of talk about weapons of mass destruction. But the so-called “war on terror” is a weapon of mass distraction away from the growing US deficit, from the naked corporate greed and colonial mindset that underpins the US and a model of development that is as exploitative as it is unsustainable, lurching as it does from one crisis of capitalism to the next. And this war kills.

Before this “war on terror”, there have been other pretexts to kill for oil. Behind the convenient cloak of “war on drugs”, Plan Colombia has provided US $98 million to train and equip Colombian military to protect an Occidental Petroleum pipeline. With a US presidential election looming let us remember that it was the Clinton Administration that between 1996 and 1999 quadrupled military aid for the Colombian government for the “war on drugs”, and recall the Gore family’s deep financial ties to Occidental. With making the country “safe” for US investors and regional geopolitical goals a real priority, Occidental, and defense contractor UTC –whose subsidiary Sikorsky’s Black Hawk helicopters are used there – have lobbied hard for increased US “aid” to Colombia. US military hardware has been used against the U’wa who opposed oil and gas exploration by Occidental and Shell on their lands, leftist guerrillas and many other communities.

When Conoco’s Mogadishu office became the de facto US embassy before the Marines landed in Somalia, it was not a war on terror, but supposedly a “humanitarian mission”. Protecting oil concessions to Conoco and other US corporations was a key factor behind this invasion, after major oil finds in Somalia. The president of the company's subsidiary in Somalia served as the US government's volunteer “facilitator” before and during the US invasion and occupation.

The operations of oil and gas corporations have long been characterized by militarization, human rights abuses, economic injustice and ecological disaster and obscene profits. Sometimes this means protection for drilling operations and pipelines by local military, police or private security firms, frequently backed by military aid. Increasingly it means the direct deployment of US forces, on some other pretext, just as we can see in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Full story...

posted by ewar @ 4:21 PM

Blood, Oil, Guns And Bullets
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Peace protest paralyses London

Popular anger at the occupation of Iraq spilled into the heart of London on Thursday, as hundreds of thousands of people protested in what organisers said was the largest ever weekday demonstration in British history.

Police estimated the numbers marching at 110,000. But Chris Nineham, a spokesman for the Stop the War Coalition, said that 350,000 had joined the protest.

"We've shown the warmongers that far from disappearing, were still growing," he said, "and we'll stay on the streets until we win".

The anti-war MP Alice Mahon said she thought a quarter of a million had taken part. "I've lived through the Vietnam demonstrations, the protests against Thatcher and the Poll Tax," she told, "and this is one of the biggest I've ever seen.”

Inevitably, the bombing of the British consulate and HSBC bank in Istanbul cast a pall over the carnival-like proceedings, but protestors were not deflected from their goals.

Full story...

posted by ewar @ 10:54 AM

Peace protest paralyses London
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Thursday on  



by voxfux

Absolutely positively, in the months leading up to the next presidential election, a clandestine operations group linked to George Bush Sr. will execute a strategic pre-election terrorist attack in America designed to kill Americans and reverse the President's plummeting poll data. This strategic pre-election attack will be perpetrated by the same group of clandestine industrial/ intelligence terrorists linked to Bush Sr. who perpetrated the September 11th attacks. Absolutely positively this is the plan. Bush Sr. knows that America has had enough of this retarded jerk son of his, he knows that America is through with them, and their murderous war profiteering looting rampage, and so in order to survive, Bush Sr. will order a strategic pre-election attack on Americans and as usual, make it look like Islamists did it. Then of course their allis (scum) in the media will once again trumpet this idiot son of his as a hero who has once again "come into his own" as he bravely visits the contamination zone live on the CIA controlled disinformation network, CNN.

It is a near certainty that Bush Sr.'s private fanatical ultra right wing intelligence operations group has, since the mid 1970's, maintained stocks of biological and chemical agents from strains that this group would have originally acquired when Bush was Director of Central Intelligence. Bush was ousted as CIA Chief by Admiral Stansfield Turner acting on President Jimmy Carter's orders. He knew it was coming. Bush was canned along with 1000 fellow CIA agents. Lots of deadly strains of biological and chemical agents went missing from the sloppily guarded government labs during this period. CIA had a lot of the stuff laying around CIA labs - against Nixon's 1972 presidential order banning the CIA from maintaining such lethal stocks. Considering the psychological profile of Bush (Sr.) and his loyal (desperate) operators and considering the historical background of Bush (Sr.) it is a near certainly he would have assured the acquisition and control of these terrorizing bio-agents to use at some unspecified future date in order to consolidate his quickly building criminal empire. He would not have let the oppertunity slip through his criminal fingers to aquire such killing power, because if you know anything about these elitist yuppie establishment sociopaths know that for them, they believe that their "power" ultimately comes from their ability to stealthily kill anyone who could seriously stand between their will to power and the truth.

In the months leading up to the 2004 elections, the Bush crime group will privately witness actual polling data showing WIDE-SCALE DISSATISFACTION with Bush. The numbers will be dismal indeed. (And this is coming from polls that Bush themselves largely control.) As usual, the official published poll results, however, will be completely fraudulent, the complete opposite of reality, and the reported poll results will show wide-scale SUPPORT for Bush or at least a 50/50 split. But in the back rooms of the polling machinery and in any independant polls, the actual truth about how little support there really is in America for this human scum named George W. Bush will be impossible to hide (something like a 90% dissapproval.)

So once again the CIA / Zionist controlled media will portray the horrendous 90% dissatisfaction of Bush as 49% dissatisfaction - with 51% percent of the nation still firmly behind the president, That's how it is done folks! It's the, "DIVIDED NATION," technique. But there is no division, there is only deception. There is only the illusion of division. AMERICANS ARE FINISHED WITH THIS PIECE OF SHIT IN THE WHITE HOUSE. But if you watch the news (especially CNN and Fox) you will see mythical reports about how EVENLY DIVIDED this country is. It's a fraud. That's how it's done, people. There is no support for Bush. The urban populations in America are constantly being fed this illusion that there is this HUGE base of support, somewhere in the middle of this country. But do you know something - there is not even enough people living in this mythical hillbilly belt to comprise these fraudulent numbers that we are tricked into believing exist. There simply are not enough so-called ignorant redneck hillbillies left in this so called "Heartland" to even comprise a small percentage of support - but certainly not this mythical 50% of the US population. No way - no how! And furthermore if you know anything about reality you will know that the people in the Heartland of America are getting fucked by the policies of the Bush criminal cartel just as hard as the people in the urban population centers. Sure, one can find a few highly visible and vocal retarded idiots anywhere, who support this scum in the White House but they are in the minority. But you will not be informed of this fact. Thanks to n American media completely controlled by the CIA / Zionist partnership of disinformation.

So now, the grim reality is that as a rule: if you take the exact opposite of whatever the media is presenting to you regarding events of the day, that by drawing this diametric inverse scenario, you will arrive closer to the essential truth of the matter than if you were to take their story for face value. It is pretty much a safe game of opposites these days, especially in the area of right and wrong, or moral or value judgements. And certainly regarding poll data on Bush - It's a complete and total fraud.

For, all such critical components required to maintain a normally functioning decent society have come under attack by the corporatists. The pigs of the New World Order believe that only through the obliteration of the human mind and through spectacular displays of terror can they maintain their grip on power, their fingers around our necks - and they will do anything to keep their fingers dug tightly into our necks - We should eviscerate them. All of them.

The Bush cartel's biggest task right now is to broker enough back-room coercion or payoffs to their scum allis in the media to keep their fraud alive - to suppress the truth about what is really happening - that they are indeed hated by nearly everyone and that they have fucked the whole world up. Their number one effort is to make sure you never find out that truth. That is the most important operational task of the Bush criminal empire - to supress the information about how UNPOPULAR Bush really is. This is what the pig Karl Rove is all about. This sleazy scumbag occupies considerable economic resources of this criminal industrial cartel in order to manufacture this illusion of support for Bush. But it is just an illusion.

But with a supine media eager to serve the power elite represented by the Bush group creating this illusion of popularity might not be such a difficult task. As long as the Bush group can fill the pockets of key executives in these media empires they will keep his illusions alive, and think nothing about the the loss of revenue that their own corporations are suffering. The New World Order is about the interests of the few over the well-being of the many. And buying corporate managers is as easy as buying world leaders only much cheaper. If the price is right - you can buy anyone, least of all some corporate schmuck. Corporate loyalty is non existent so you can easily buy the editorial or management executives in any corporation to see things your way - it is every man for himself - When the Bush team pays off key Senior Editors, these editors (scum) will be quite happy to trumpet Bushes lies even at the expense of the entire US economy which will eventually bring their own companies' economies' into the ground as well. But this doesn't matter because like I said, It's every man for himself. Bushes disinformation team headed by the porcine Karl Rove know exactly which key executives to pay off, and those key executives know the protocol. Come election time the press will be chock full stories glorifying and deifying this Bush filth. With the kind of economic juice that bush has just extracted from the US Treasury ($87 bil) to buttress his illegal and murderous regime (defense industry kickbacks and energy industry support) the Bush crime cartel can simply buy off nearly every Sr. Editor of nearly every Major news organization in America, and coerce and intimidate the rest. But if you know about the nature of this human scum in the media you will know that there will be little resistance. This human filth called journalists is cut largely from the same mold as these Bush types - Climbers, all. Each one thirsting to make it up to the next rung of the ladder. They have proven time and time again to be eager accomplices in the big lie.

Anyone who resists Bushes crusade on a national level like Senator Paul Wellstone did, risks being, "accidented." Know this about these Bush reptiles - They are sociopathic little yuppy jerks who quite obviously don't have too much experience being human. They are so bloodthirsty because they are so immoral and just as dumb as can be and can't provide any real answers to real problems...

And so there is only one option left for the Bush criminal cartel, one last sure fire methodology - TERRORISM.

Full story...

posted by ewar @ 10:36 AM

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Holly and Jessica

Take all of this with a grain of salt, make your own mind up about it. I provide this for informational purposes only.

The Trial of Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr
Court One, The Old Bailey, London

by Joe Vialls

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were abducted from their home village of Soham in Cambridgeshire, England, on 4 August 2002, and never seen alive again. Thirteen days later on 17 August, their bodies were found in a drainage ditch only yards away from the perimeter fence at the giant United States Air Force base at Lakenheath in Suffolk, roughly 16 miles north-north-east of Soham. To help describe what is almost impossible to explain with words alone, ten-inch high-resolution aerial reconnaissance photographs and maps of the alleged Lakenheath crime scene are provided on this page. Because of these very large photographs and maps, the page will take a long time to load, but please be patient, the startling imagery is well worth the wait.

Within hours of the two badly decomposed bodies being found, and without bothering to interview any of the 5,000+ American servicemen based at Lakenheath, police arrested Soham residents Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr for the murders. Despite both remand prisoners pleading not guilty, both were then handled in an appalling manner reminiscent of the illegal American concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Those readers seeking full details of this earlier period are advised to scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the links labeled “Holly & Jessica Reports 1, 2, 3” Indeed, in terms of understanding the politically supercharged nature of this extraordinary trial at the Old Bailey, a comprehensive knowledge of past events is considered essential.

After more than a year of stalling, the trial of Huntley and Carr commenced on 5 November 2003, in Court Number One at the famous “Old Bailey” in London. The location itself is the first indication that this trial is of special political significance, because most British murder suspects are tried by perfectly competent Crown courts scattered far and wide across the land, including the counties of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Without direct political pressure from the British Home Office in London, the two suspects would unquestionably have been tried in a county court.

The logic behind the selection of the Old Bailey for this trial lies partly in its fearsome reputation over the years, at least since the present building was opened by King Edward VII in 1907. Some of the more notorious trials held at the Old Bailey this century include Doctor Crippen, the “Yorkshire Ripper” and the Kray Twins of East End fame. In the absence of any evidence against Huntley and Carr, the Home Office intended to use this fearsome Old Bailey reputation to artificially bolster its case.

This is not in the spirit of a motto above the Old Bailey door that reads, “Defend the Children of the Poor and Punish The Wrongdoer”, but the Home Office didn’t care about such niceties in this new age of synthetic terrorism. Entirely in accord with the spirit of the illegal American concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, the Home Office was about to reverse the motto to “Protect the Wrongdoer and Punish the Children of the Poor”. You will now discover this for yourselves, by analyzing the frightening number of blatant legal deceptions by the Prosecution in Court Number One.

On 5 November 2003, Crown Prosecutor Richard Latham QC, set the tone for the entire trial when he told the jury, "We understand from those representing Huntley it is unlikely to be disputed by Huntley that the girls went into his home shortly after 6.30pm that evening, that Huntley was the only other person there at the time and that they died within a short time of going inside his home” …."It was Huntley who took their bodies to the place where they were found.”

The defence did not confirm this claim, and Huntley was not even in court to hear it, but the boot was already in with a vengeance. Over the two weeks that followed, this unsubstantiated claim by Latham would become the prosecution catechism, constantly repeated on television and printed in full by at least two [different] newspapers each day, until the British public had been saturated with Huntley’s apparent “confession”. But it was not a confession at all, was it? No, it was just a monstrous legal trick designed to get the media cheerleaders on side, and hopefully subdue the British public.

“The prosecution case is that these two girls fell into the hands of Huntley shortly after leaving home. For some reason known only to him he chose to murder them both. We allege that he went on to remove the bodies from Soham”. Latham then went on to say that for this reason the focus of the trial is likely to centre on whether or not, "it could be construed that the deaths while he [Huntley] was there with them in his house amounted to murder".

This was another devastating “smoke and mirrors” legal conjuring trick, because one of the most obvious deficiencies in the bogus prosecution case against Huntley is the total absence of any forensic evidence linking Holly Wells or Jessica Chapman to the inside of Ian Huntley’s house. Richard Latham QC knew this of course, so took a neat short cut [for the written court record] by simplistically stating that they were. The media cheerleaders loved him, and broadcast the lie far and wide.

Does anyone out there believe for a moment that an inexperienced school caretaker could simultaneously subdue two violently struggling 10-year-old girls, kill them one after the other in his own home without a sound, then remove every trace of their DNA to the point where police forensic experts could not find any at all? This is an absolute fantasy, because British police forensic experts are known world wide for their skills. If two girls had been attacked, let alone killed in Huntley’s house, police would have found hundreds of microscopic DNA traces. Alas, they found none.

Full story...

posted by ewar @ 10:29 AM

Holly and Jessica
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Wednesday on  

Fortress London braced for anti-Bush demos

His Holiness the Emperor George has landed. All hail George. All hail George. All hail George. All hail George. All hail George. All hail George.

Just kidding, all I can say is:

YANKEE GO HOME!!!! If a US president needs to come here and have lunch with Liz just to make himself more popular at home then you know that the world has gone screwy.

See you all in London tomorrow for the demo.

The first demonstrations against George Bush's state visit to Britain were already under way last night as Air Force One, the presidential jumbo jet, landed at Heathrow.

London got an early taste of the next two days' demonstrations when up to 600 people marched noisily on the US embassy in Grosvenor Square to protest at Mr Bush's refusal to sign up to the Kyoto global warming treaty.

Michael Meacher, the former environment minister, told supporters of the Campaign against Climate Change that Mr Bush was ignoring the biggest single challenge facing humanity. "What we resent so strongly is the selfishness of US foreign policy. Human sur vival depends on sharing power. What you do will affect all of us."

Stephen Tyndall, director of Greenpeace, accused the president of "selfish, lethal, immoral" policies and pandering to the oil industry.

As Scotland Yard moved to clarify the number of police officers involved - saying 14,000 shifts would be worked by officers during the controversial state visit, rather than that number of officers being on duty - responsibility for the huge operation passed to the Metropolitan police's "Gold Commander", Michael Messenger. According to the Met, Mr Messenger is one of the world's most experienced officers in managing city-wide public order and security operations.

Demonstrations against the visit have been planned for each day, but the biggest will be tomorrow with a march and rally organised by the Stop the War Coalition, Muslim Association of Great Britain and CND. Organisers hope more than 100,000 protesters will march past Parliament and up Whitehall for the rally in Trafalgar Square.

A police spokesman said 5,123 officers would be on duty tomorrow to deal with any potential threats to security and help relieve traffic congestion.

Full story...

Bush Is 'Greatest Threat To Life On The Planet'

posted by ewar @ 10:04 AM

Fortress London braced for anti-Bush demos
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Monday on  

Who Is Joe Vialls?

This article raises questions I've had myself for ages....

It is long past the time for someone to pose the important question, "Who is Joe Vialls?"

He purports to be an independent researcher and writer, but there is much to suggest that he carries the "party line" of some hidden faction. (One can only speculate as to who or what that might be.)

In a fairly extensive Google search, one finds innumerable reference to Mr. Vialls, most of which are copyrighted works by him. Other mentions can be grouped under the category "fawning and fatuous," and are little more than uncritical references to Joe Vialls as an expert on everything from aeronautics and conspiracy theories to cancer and vitamins.

Joe is variously described (and these are direct quotes) as:

1. an expatriated US military analyst based in Australia
2. an ex-British private security expert
3. a British aeronautical engineer
4. an Australian-base freelance journalist with over 30 years direct experience in international military and oilfield operations
5. a former member of the Society of Licensed Aeronautical Engineers (London).

Which of these descriptions is accurate must be left to other interested parties to decide.

Writers like Joe Vialls who arrive with a past shrouded in mist, bearing a host of alluring hypotheses - supported by a torrent of seemingly valid facts and expert opinion - can often serve to leave a reader with the impression that he or she now knows "the truth of the matter."

Who is Joe Vialls? Is he consummate researcher, investigator and expert? Or is he agent provocateur, magician, and master of disinformation?

I leave it to you and your readers to decide. One thing I feel is certain: he is not someone to take lightly.

Those in search of the truth may wish to peruse the following links,

Full story...

posted by ewar @ 1:10 PM

Who Is Joe Vialls?
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America’s Moloch: The Federal Reserve

Do the bankers and the politicians need $87 billion for the war, or do they need the war to get $87 billion?

Few in authority will admit that the American economy requires a constantly expanding injection of Federal Reserve* heroin to survive. When the Federal Reserve was established by Congress in 1913 it was the successful culmination of a bankers’ conspiracy that began shortly after—even before—the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. It has been fueled by careful long-term planning and unlimited financial reserves by unbelievably wealthy men.

Names such as Nelson Aldrich, J. P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer and Rothschild—the most powerful political manipulators in the world then—and their successors now—were the players and politicians. Woodrow Wilson, indebted to them for his election, carried out the plan.

Both parties were involved. The conspirators knew that the public did not want a central bank—something that was anathema to Americans ever since the country’s founding. From Washington through Jackson and to Wilson the idea of a central bank, which would inevitably come to shape public policy and invite corruption, was opposed.

The plotters knew that any plan originated by Republicans would automatically be suspect so in the election of 1912, it took very little cajoling to convince Teddy Roosevelt to run as a third party candidate. This split the Republicans, assuring the defeat of William Howard Taft and the shoo-in of Wilson, the Democrat, little more than their puppet.

Wilson was programmed to preside over the creation of the Federal Reserve—the creature of the most corrupt and criminal class in the world—the international bankers.

Full story...

posted by ewar @ 11:59 AM

America’s Moloch: The Federal Reserve
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Conrad Black steps down

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Beleaguered Hollinger International chief Conrad Black, owner of the Daily Telegraph, dramatically agreed to resign today after admitting he and other executives had received unauthorised secret payments totalling £19m.

And in a move that has sent rivals scurrying to size up a Telegraph takeover, Lord Black also indicated he may be willing to sell the newspaper group.

He has appointed investment bank Lazards to look into the future options for the group, including the sale of some or all of its titles including the flagship Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, the Spectator, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Jerusalem Post.

The Daily Mail and General Trust, Express owner Richard Desmond, the Barclay brothers and the Washington Post Group are all being touted as possible suitors for the Telegraph titles or the group as a whole.

The dramatic turn of events comes after months of bluster from Lord Black, who contemptuously dismissed the "corporate governance zealots" and critics who demanded answers over the £120m in management payments that were uncovered earlier this year.

Lord Black said the £19m, which was uncovered after an independent investigation into the company, would be paid back with interest.

Hollinger International, the newspaper group controlled by the Tory peer, admitted on Friday night that payments received from rival publishers had not been authorised by the board or disclosed to shareholders.

It wasn't until this morning, however, that Lord Black admitted the level of secret payments with a surprise statement released just after 2am in New York (7am GMT).

Lord Black's resignation will be accompanied by wholesale management changes with his closest advisers among the earliest casualties.

Full story...

posted by ewar @ 11:13 AM

Conrad Black steps down
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