Sunday, 1 September 2002

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FACT 1: The ship stopped at Hamburg with weapons bound for Iran was owned by the Zim shipping company.

FACT 2: The Zim Shipping Company broke its lease to move out of the World Trade Center before the attacks. Like Odigo, Zim apparently received an early warning. Indeed there seems to have been an epidemic of broken leases in the weeks leading up to 9-11.

FACT 3: Zim moved out of the World Trade Center just ONE WEEK before the attack. (see bottom of linked page)

FACT 4: Zim Shipping Company is jointly owned by the government of Israel and Israel Corporation.

FACT 5: Zim Shipping Company has been a central player in Israel's history.

FACT 6: NEW! The Israel Corporation is owned by the Israeli government..

The suggestion that the government of Israel had no knowledge of the weapons about the cargo ship stopped on the war to Iran is ludicrous. Would arms smugglers operating without Israel's knowledge choose a ship entirely owned by the government of Israel itself, operated by a company cozy with that same government, a company that somehow knew to get out of the WTC just in time to avoid the attacks of 9-11?

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Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. First of all: What in god's name is "The Israel Corporation"? There is no such thing you bloody moron! Secondly: Yes, ZIM is an Israeli company, and yes it has been crucial to the development of our country. No, it isn't owned by the government, it is a privately owned company. Thirdly: You have strung together completely unrelated facts, in an almost totally random way, to make them sound like they prove your stupid, anti-Semitic point. You have no proof that one has anything to do with the other, or in fact that more then half of them are true.

Anonymous said...

Yea, and if ZIM planned the 9/11 bombing, then why did it leave most of it's computer systems in the world trade center after they moved to a new HQ? You'd think if it was their doing, they would have had more time moving all their valuable equipment away, instead of taking their time?