Tuesday, 30 July 2002

Hawaiian activists want U.S. out

Here's a good one, did you know that there are native people in Hawaii who believe that the US presence there constitutes military occupation!

News Report
Hawaii is not legally a state!

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Anonymous said...

well...technically HI is not legally a state. The Hawaiian Islands were annexed via Joint Resolution which cannot extend beyond the US borders, and since HI was not part of the states then it could not have been annexed. Plus Lorrin Thurston and Sanford Dole were not acting to the letter of the law when they siezed control. In fact President grover Cleveland demanded that power be restored to Queen Lili'uokalani and then the Apology bill in 2002 recognized that the Annexation of Hawaii was illegal, but not before inserting a little disclamer saying that the bill could not be used in a court of law or agianst the USA in any way.